Hello! My name is Sami Viljanto,
I'm a four-eyed illustrator currently based in Helsinki, Finland.

I'm available for commissions, and especially interested in projects related to illustration and hand-made typography. Below you can scroll through my illustration portfolio, and if you'd like to work with me, I'd say that's a good idea.

Outside of Finland I'm represented by the Rare Bird.

tel. +44 (0) 777 586 3497

tel. +358 (0) 40 592 8383

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I did the illustrating and the brilliant people of Anima Boutique did the animation. It's an info clip about age limits in movies and games. Made for Finnish Centre for Media Education and Audiovisual Media.

Autumn influenced personal poster project. You can see the making-of-documentary here. And the poster can be bought here.

Personal project. Hand-made typography motivational poster.

Personal project. A tribute portrait for one the greatest finnish musicians Gösta Sundqvist.

Illustration for Heinz Belgium for their Winter BBQ campaign. Creative direction by the geniuses; Thomas Thysens and Willem De Wachter from Leo Burnett Brussels.

If a tree falls in a forest and there's nobody to see it, this is what it looks like. Limited edition poster.

One of three t-shirt designs I did for sustainability focused, attitude driven children clothing company The Fableists. They're showing how it should be done.

Cover image for Kanava - a finnish political magazine. The theme was about how Finland is able to affect the decision making in the EU.

Commissioned poster design for my favorite coffee shop in Helsinki, the Good Life Coffee.

Personal project.

Seasonal greetings poster. Personal project. Bonus points if you know which TV show it refers to.

Editorial illustration for Noste magazine. The article was about the ever increasing use of antidepressants.

Poster design for Pelaaja magazine to celebrate their 10th anniversary.

Editorial illustration for an article titled How managers become leaders.

Cover illustration for National Post's guide of things to do in September.

Editorial illustration for an article about 14 leadership lessons of Steve Jobs.

Personal poster project. Based on a song by Damn Seagulls.

Increase your chance of having this one as a poster by clicking here.

Illustration for David Kamp's Sound Creatures project.

Illustration for Göoo Magazine. The theme for this issue was "illogical".

Illustration for a bag designed by Päivi Raivio. You can see the bag here.

Illustration for a Q&A page, for a question about Monday depression so strong, it ruins the whole week.

Illustration to a A3 sized brochure with game board style concept. This one is for Plan Finland.

Book cover for a book about art education in Helsinki.

Editorial illustration for an article about "How to show appreciation to your collegues."

A poster proposal for Lahti Poster Biennale. Not in use.

Personal work.

Editorial illustration for Ruhje. For an article about drinking while skating.

Personal work.